The latest Philadelphia riots

So I  have waited a few days to blog about this and to get the whole story before making an informed comment on what transpired.

A multiple time convicted violent felon with mental issues chased a few police officers around a car while holding a knife in an attempt to attack them. He was ordered to drop the knife and didn’t. The police shot him multiple times and he died of his wounds.

Let me make this clear. This was recorded. This guy got was killed by his own decisions, and I am behind law enforcement 100% on their actions at that time.

We can’t be armchair theorists speculating on how the police should have shot him in a leg, oe let him go. He was unstable and violent and they were called to respond. He had a violent history. If the police tried to shoot him in the leg and miss, he might succeed in his attack against him, or have attacked a bystander.

This is a case of survival and if a crazy person was pursuing me with a knife intending to harm me or anyone near me, I would have killed him as well. I am certain that most people would do the same despite the lack to a desire to kill.

With that said, I feel sympathy for his family but feel they are not entitled to any lawsuit money, nor publicity. The so called outraged community that rioted, looted, and wreaked havoc on the city should have been destroyed entirely by everyone for their actions.

The rioters used this justified killing as a pretext for causing problems in the city. They should have been dealt with severely, including lethal force. This city and nation has had enough morons ruining the lives of decent people who just want to live their lives, run businesses and keep their communities safe. Idiots running amok in town, destroying everything forfeit their right to peaceful arrest while engaging in mob violence, mass theft, and chaos.

In short, this crazed knife wielding criminal died by his own choices. The mob of looters and rioters should have been demolished and justice dispensed.

Philadelphians, you deserve better than looters and rioters. You have this because you voted for bad governance and refuse to police your own communities and assist in stopping crime.

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