The Philadelphia Inquirer

Also should be renamed as garbage.

Honestly. The other day I was reading their website. I began to notice just how biased the paper is to the left. Now I don’t care what your political leanings are, so long as if you purport to be a journalist that you cover actual news and relevant information.

Instead what did I find? The standard left wing Orange Man Bad hit pieces. The standard: my feelings are hurt because of something someone said four years ago. The standard vomit that most news companies try to pass off as legit news.

No investigation into the Hunter Biden emails. No mention of Hunter Biden having a business partner who just turned over thousands of additional emails. No mention of how Anthony Wiener, the former husband of then Clinton associate Huma Abedin. Whose laptop is sitting somewhere about to be scanned and its’ treasure trove of emails and dirt from the 2016 campaign revealed to the world.

Nothing. Not a whiff of information with regards to the potential bias of the three Democratic Party leaning moderators of the debates (maybe an unbiased panel would be better, or each candidate would have to be interviewed by a moderator chosen from and by the other party?).

No talk about how local suburban real estate prices are going up because no one wants to live in cities with Coronavirus and Rioters burning down everything?

No honest assessment of the issues with printing trillions of dollars and dumping it into the economy?

These are just a few of the things that I thought about while looking for real news and no media bias. This newspaper is a huge disappointment to the community it advertises that it serves.

We need real journalist who actually know something about journalism and integrity. We don’t need more propaganda.

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