All your surveys are belong to us..

I write this as a quick note to my readers.

Don’t ever trust news polls. If you are asked to take an opinion survey on what you think politically, say yes and then lie your butt off.

Most news sites today are not news sites, they function as extensions of their political party (the one their advertisers and staff support). They can’t be trusted to tell the news in an unbiased manner. They engaged in political propaganda and censorship in their comment sections.

Because of that you should not give them any truly accurate data. Don’t help them. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, or whatever. They aren’t going to give you the truth or investigate the difficult topics that your nation needs to know about in order to make informed decisions.

So lie to them. Just make them convincing lies. After all, if they just want to lie and mislead the populace, it’s only fair to return the favor!

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