This weekend I went to spend the day with my father out in the suburbs. On the way to a fro I was given a front row seat into just how terrible the drivers in the greater Philadelphia area truly are.

1. Slow the heck down. I can’t stress this enough, the lights on the streets are timed. You gunning the gas pedal or riding someone’s rear isn’t going to change that. Just relax and enjoy the ride, listen to music. Just stop gunning it. You destroy your car, cause accidents and screw up traffic.

2. Relax on the highways. I watch people driving by at 80-100 mph, veering and weaving into all the lanes, cutting people off. Knock it the heck off! You know those moments on the highway when for no apparent reason cars just bunch up, having to break and slow to a crawl? That’s because you craptastic motorists cause that by not relaxing and just driving normally. You cause accidents, increase driving stress and ruin an otherwise enjoyable moment on the road.

3. Leave earlier. If you’re running late, suck it up and arrive late. Stop speeding and honking at normal drivers. Stop riding someone’s rear. Just stop. You’re at fault. Either leave earlier and drive normally or be perpetually tardy for your pathetic inability to properly plan.

4. Stop parking at the very corners of side streets and driveway entrances. You make it harder to see pedestrians, to turn corners, and to avoid accidents. You are at fault.

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