The Rain

Here as I write this blog it rains. The City of (not so much) Brotherly Love is known for its’ own amount of local humidity and wet weather. Certainly you can find wetter places, but Philadelphia is notorious for having the typical hot and cold muggy days, not to mention the usual ‘awesome Monday to Friday’ weather followed by a craptastic weekend of poor weather to ruin your days off.

I digress. Today is a bit different. I actually like the weather right now. It’s a steady and heavy rain, cooling yet a little humid. It started yesterday evening and should last for a few days. In short, it’s the type of cool sleepy rain that you wish you had more time to lie in bed napping. Its cleansing and oddly beautiful out. Sure I am not a big fan of all things greyscale, but there is a greener green and sound changes during this period.

I digress yet again. I tend to do that, waxing on about some topic,missing my point entirely. The rain that bounces off my window lulls me into a sense of calm hope: that things will get better and that nothing lasts forever.

I grew up hearing about people praying for rain: for crops and their farms and drinking water. I rarely if ever heard of people praying while it was raining: to cleanse, refresh, thankful in the change that a good downpour can provide. Perhaps it is needed. The plinking, clunking, thuds, and splats of drops of dewy morning moisture have a melodic effect on the mind, perfect for meditation on the higher power of our creator and our place in the world. Zen like in rhythm and relaxing to the body, it affords us a small moment of respite from the crushing anxiety and depression that the modern world offers.

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