The Start of Something Not Quite New

For years I had worked in the IT industry. I had connections with virtually every social media website, app, and gizmo possible. I spent hours updating, customizing, and communicating with people all over the world. In short, I was about as connected as one could possibly be in our tech savvy world.

Yet for all of that social media networking I felt unhappy. The more time I spent online, the more time I wasted. I was like many other people, peering at the lives of others online, a voyeur of the lives of others. I could visit friends, post pictures of my adventures and view the images of other places I went to and things I did with my friends online. Yet when I viewed the images of other people that I didn’t spend time with, or could do, I became profoundly unhappy. Like many others, I felt the sting of the negativity of social media and the urge to keep up with my neighbors, friends, and enemies. I disliked this feeling and path immensely.

So I unplugged. I went from totally connected to completely disconnected. No Facebook, no Myspace, no LinkedIn. Not a tweet, a Foursquare, a Reddit post, nor a Instagram account for as far as the eye could see. In short, aside from an email address and an instant message, there really wasn’t a way to contact me online for a very, very long time. People thought I had died, or move, or that I was hacked. I didn’t care one bit about people urging me to reconnect. I was, and still am happier for the change!

Now if I wanted to see someone, or someone wanted to see me, we actually saw each other and shared time together. No virtual living. I felt a lot better without the constant advertising and negativity that exists in the online world. There was also hours upon hours of my free time that came back to me, allowing me the freedom to read more, bicycle, spend time with family and pets. In short, dropping my social media was the best decision I had ever made. I was free and capable of living a life without the need to force share activities with people simply because everyone else was doing the same.

Which brings me to this website. For years I wanted my own personal website with my name on it. A place of my own that I could write and post what I wanted to, when I wanted to. Where the format of my site will not change. Where my data is mine and not the property of a corporate big brother trying to sell me like a commodity. In short, I wanted to put up a digital homestead where people could reach me when they wanted to, so long as they knew my name and could find the site (which is fairly easy).

Years have gone by, I tried and tried to get a website with my name on it, only to find the ones I wanted were taken. All of this made perfect sense: Jose Silva is an extremely common name around the world, like a Spanish language version of John Smith. There are only a lucky few who manage to get their own identity as a website. In my case, my name was taken for years and I am guessing either the previous owner became bored, or forgot to renew his domain registration or some other reason happened: whatever that case may be, the name became free and I jumped on it!

Thus, you have reached the start of my personal website. I hope you stick around for a bit, read some, or just find it even a tad interesting. Thank you for visiting.

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